Tollywood star heroes Que for Trivikram

Tollywood star heroes have found a new script consultant in the form of  Trivikram Srinivas. From examining the script to making changes to glorifying the content, the writer-director has been the preferred choice for top Tollywood stars. After working with Trivikram for “Jalsa”, Power Star Pawan Kalyan once again called on Trivikram and asked him to check the quality of the content of “Gabbar Singh”. In fact, Pawan started to feel confident only after Trivikram expressed his satisfaction over the rushes, scenes and dialogues of the movie, which turned out to be a blockbuster.

Mahesh Babu too, often drops at Trivikram’s and discusses his scripts and career moves. Post “Athadu”, Mahesh Babu and Trivikram have been bonding big time and both are spotted regularly. Such has been their rapport that Trivikram also directed few ad commercials of Mahesh Babu. But what’s prompting these stars to pursue Trivirkam? Well, “Its Trivikram’s witty humor in real life and his knowledge over the script. Moreover, Trivirkam doesn’t belong to the “Bhajana batch” says a source.