Tollywood sex Racket busted in US

sex-racketA prostitution racket which was allegedly masterminded by Kishan Modugumudi, 34, an Indian businessman in US along with his wife Chandra Modugumudi, has been exposed by US police.

According to reports , a high-end prostitution ring by luring actresses from Tollywood was run by this couple. Modugumudi Kishan’s wife, Chandra allegedly kept detailed ledgers of the sexual acts performed by each girl, including about where they occurred and how much they collected. The couple allegedly charged clients up to $3,000 per sexual encounter.

After local media reports, the federal police had filed a 42-page charge sheet in a district court in Chicago. Around 5 actress were invited to US on temporary visas for events and were exploited.

A Email of the actress who was allegedly threatened by Chandra has been traced which led to filing of the case. Kishan and Chandra are in custody and their children are in the custody of child welfare officials in Virginia.