Tollywood Praising Nandamuri Fans

Media speculations and Partial truths about divisions in big celebrity families are always heard of. This time, coinciding with release of ‘dammu,’ there was an extensive campaign running in the form of SMS by some rival groups to damage the success range of film. Even popular media channels tried to rake anew controversy by digging a mountain of nothing.

One such channel has conducted a meet between Nandamuri Fans trying to find out the exact reality behind the entire SMS controversy. With Balakrishna Fans on one side, Junior NTR Fans on other side and the TV Channel representative in between the discussion was envisaged to be a hot debate of sorts. Hats Off to these Nandamuri Fans who never budged even when severe attempts were made by the particular Channel representative to develop an embroiling atmosphere.

‘We Nandamuri Fans are always united. Those who are doing this SMS propaganda are not from our compound. Nandamuri Fans are always dignified and wish for well being of other heroes and their films. We came to know about this SMS dispute only through media channels. This is a deliberate attempt by outsiders only to belittle the success of ‘dammu.’ So, we don’t care them,’ was the unique inflection from Nandamuri Fans who attended the TV channel studio.