Tollywood is learning to respect Telangana

Tollywood is learning to respect Telangana and its heritage.

TRS leader K Chandrasekhara Rao and Telangana Jagruthi Forum leader Kavitha must be happy about that. The audio function of Eega could be a good example as there was an Oggukatha by Ramesh. Oggukatha which is an art form of Telangana region with a thick accent of Veerashaivam, was taken up though the form was same, it was told to narrate the introduction of artistes and technicians which evoked good response.

Even in one of game shows on a television channel, Oggukatha has come in and if some of the recent developments are keenly observed, representation from Telangana region has increased, conscious or otherwise.

We have Ram Reddy, Ramesh and others besides having an association representing Telangana region. Earlier, the same region came under ridicule and there was an attack on the cultural ethos of the region. Now things seem to be changing, if not very drastic