Tollywood is getting to its next level

With entry of  Mahesh (through Thumbs ad), Ramcharan and Rana in Bollywood who are are more talented, In future a day may come when the whole Bollywood  industry will be ruled by telugu heros . Already all the big heros of Bollywood are copying telugu movies to get hit, if our film stories are accepted why not our heros.

Ram Charan Teja going to enact the role of the police inspector that was made legendary by Big B in Zanjeer.

On the other hand Thumbs Upwas one brand which before the advent of Mahesh Babu had stuck to Akshay Kumar for eight long years, before it decided to replace him this year with Mahesh Babu.

Jr.NTR  dubbed movies  has a big market in rural areas of india especially in Maharashtra, almost all the his films are dubbed and released in Hindi.

Pawan never tested his waters in Bollywood if all the above heros are successfully then there is chance for Pawan to enter into Bollywood.

But at present times the invasion of male Telugu stars started with Rana Duggabatti and with Ram Charan Teja and Mahesh Babu making overtures, Hindi cinema and world of advertisement could have interesting times. Watch out as Tollywood is getting to its next level.