Tollywood celebrities reactions on Delhi gang rape !


Really sad to know bout yet another rape case frm delhi. D nly thing I hate my city for! How some men really don’t have any shame left in em. N for all who consider it a woman’s fault, dnt tell ur daughters to not to step out in d nite, instead teach ur sons better! –


Low rate of reporting crime. Low conviction rates when crime is reported. Lengthy judicial process. Justice more often debied than not…Public sympathy, private indifference. Bastards who still try to look at 2 sides of the story when it comes to rape.No change in punishmentAt this rate, we will eventually become an officially lawless state where it will be each man for himself.This is what leads to gun culture. As someone who hates guns, if asked how I wish to protect my mother, sister, wife or daughter, the first word that comes to mind is guns. If you can’t protect your people, why should your people believe in you, or their country or in humanity…never rationalise rape. Never. –


sanjjanaa(archana) ‏@actressanjjanaa Sushma Swaraj demands death penalty for rapists (Delhi Rape Case). Agree or Disagree?please you vote here. … I agree !! –

Vishnu Manchu ‏

Horrible incident; Delhi Rape case. Shame on Delhi, more popular for being the Rape Capital of our country. Hope death sentence is given –

Rahul Haridas ‏

The Four responsible fr d gangRape shld Not B Hanged Bt dere Hands N dere Legs Should b Cut In d Public,dey Should Know what’s LiFelOnG PAIN –

G.V.Prakash Kumar

The convicted shud b given capital punishment for sure … They shud b hanged …. My heart goes out to the poor girl and her family .. Wake up india … It could happen to somebody in our family too … Those maniacs shud b hanged for sure … #stoprapecrime –

Saiyami Kher ‏

Such a shame #Delhi #India where are we headed!?

Viranica Manchu ‏

The details of the Delhi rape case are horrifying!!! It’s terrifying to think we live in such a world! Still at a loss for words. –

Krishna DK ‏

Shocking! Makes me believe that some of the people we see on the streets everyday are actually demons masquerading as humans! For once there’s outrage outside of twitter! The only positive we can take out of this horrific incident! #DelhiRape –


These lechers made a pass at TV reporter! Imagine what would have done if it was a lonely girl. Sad


Absolutely horrified,disgusted n ashamed bout the Delhi rape case.How can tere even be a diff of opinion were punishment is concerned !!! Praying hard for the Delhi girl.Pls pls pls survive 🙁 N certain people need 2 WAKE UP n smell d darn coffee !!!