Tollywood celebraties mourn for delhi rape victim death

Hero Nani ::  We pledge..All Indians are my brothers and sisters..our sister died nd its just one more news..Amazing how we move on..Mera Bharat mahaan!!

Lakshmi Rai ‏ ::Apathy, humiliation and then an unfortunate end to a life.. when will a new dawn come? My deepest condolences to Damini’s family. It’s so sad to see the Delhi rape victim is no more! No girl should go thru this!all these ppl should be hanged to death soon! These ppl r worse then Animals!!!

Kona venkat ::Delhi police should change the FIR and make it a rape & murder case so that the culprits can get death penalty.

Sanjjanaa(archana)::Seeking death for 6 rapists and marching with candles is like trying to cure Bronchitis with Strepsils. Lets not mistake Comfort for Cure!”

 Prabhudeva:: Very sad to hear abt d rape victim’s demise.Her life has ended but r fight 4 justice shouldn’t.R nation needs new laws for women safety asap

Sonu sood:: Better the Britishers ruled our country than these good for nothing Politicians. Celebrate Independence Day the day we become independent.

Deva katta:: Lots of Indian male can’t see a difference between harassment & attention, molestation & sex, rape & romance including the political elite  ‏

Vishnu Manchu:: RIP. India is saddened by your demise. Wish the lawmakers bring out strong & strict law against such MoFos.  ‏@ItsVishnuManchu

SIRISH ALLU:: RIP Damini. You have awakened me and lakhs of others & reminded us of our responsibility. So long, sister.  ‏

Roopa vaitla ::Saddening…culprits still at peace…shivers pass down da spine to even recollect the pain of da young soul..can’t even say R.I.PEACE…!! ‏

Nikhil Siddhartha:: This is a Colossal Failure of the Govt… The govt is busy looting public money… Where will they get time to protect us and our families..

Mamta Mohandas:: So deeply disturbd & angry aft hearing about our poor girls death. Butcher those f***s on sight. India what rv waitin for now..resolution?