Tirupati Balaji becomes boyfriend to Actress

Tirupati Balaji becomes boyfriend to Actress

Actress Kamna Jethmalani, who declared that Lord Venkateswara was like her ‘boyfriend’ after a darshan at Tirumala Hills, created a furore among the disciples as they felt her statement was blasphemous.

Kamna defended herself saying, “I was misquoted and my off-the-cuff remark was presented out of context. I said that God was like a friend, father and brother to me, but the media blew the friend quote out of proportion.

The actress claims that she is an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara and has been visiting the temple since she was five.

“I connect to His divine energy which cleanses my soul and all my negative feelings. I come out of the temple completely rejuvenated,” says the religious actress, and adds that she is sorry if she hurt the sentiments of other believers, as she never intended to do so.