Times Poll : Jagan ahead of Naidu and Pawan in CM race

rp_naidu-jagan-pawan-300x182.jpgTimes of India’s Telugu version Samayam has conducted an online opinion poll over Chandrababu Naidu government, which revealed some shocking results for the ruling TDP heads who are pinning hopes to form next govt with Naidu’s experience.

Here is the pulse of the people after four years of Naidu regime.

How was Chandrababu’s four-year rule?

57 per cent of people expressed dissatisfaction.
42.70% responded positively.
Out of 42%, Approximately 16 per cent of respondents said it was great.

Is Chandrababu experience useful for the development of Navyandhra?

58.30 per cent of the respondents said No.
33.18 per cent said that the experience of Babu was useful.

If the elections are conducted now, whom will they vote?

Around 42 per cent of the respondents prefered Jagan.
30.85 per cent prefered Babu.
19.35 per cent preferred Pawan Kalyan.
7.80% for others

Is TDP benefitted after splitting with BJP?
41.39 per cent said Yes.
35.15 per cent of the respondents said No.

Has Nara Lokesh interference increased in government and party affairs?
67.89 per cent of respondents yes
Only 17 per cent said No.
Remaining 15 per cent said Don’t Know

More than 80 per cent of respondents in the survey said that giving Ministries for the YSRCP party-defectors is not justified. Only 10.59 per cent of the respondents defended Babu.

76.30% feel that Babu has failed in getting a special status. Only 23.70 per cent of the respondents defended Babu.

Was corruption increased in the TDP government?
64.50 per cent said Yes
Nearly 20 per cent of the people said NO.

63.70 per cent believe that the Chandrababu government has no significant schemes. 24.53 per cent said Chandranna Insurance Scheme is good.

10.85 per cent said Babu Sarkar was failed in the creation of government jobs. Only 6.32 per cent said that Babu failed in the construction of Amravati. 60 per cent said Babu failed in Creation of jobs, Amravati construction, special status.