Those Three are Behind Sri Reddy : Bonda Uma

rp_Bonda-Uma-300x250.jpgTDP leader Bonda Uma Maheshwara Rao alleged that Janasana chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan is making allegations on Nara Lokesh without any evidence.

Speaking to the media in Vijayawada today, he made sensational comments, He said Ram Gopal Verma, Kathi Mahesh and YCP-Leaders are behind the actress Sri Reddy. While its unfortunate on part of Pawan Kalyan, accusing Nara Lokesh.

Banda Uma alleges that Pawan Kalyan wanted to divert the attention of the public from Chandrababu Naidu’s Dharma Porata protest with a pre-planned Agreement with the YSRCP and the BJP. He advised Pawan Kalyan not to make baseless criticism on Lokesh.