Tholi Prema movie Review – Refreshing

tholiprema-review-84848Movie: Tholi Prema
Actors: Varun Tej, Rashi Khanna, Sapna Rabbi, Priyadarshini, Suhasini, Vidyalekha Raman, Hyper Adi, etc
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: George C. Williams
Producer: BVNSS Prasad
Distribution: Sri Venkateswara Films
Story, screenplay, direction: Venky Atluri
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cinefilm Rating 3.5/5

Aditya (Varun Tej) sees Varsha (Rakeshkna) on a train. Love at first sight. Unexpectedly, they join the same college. Aditya follows Varsha and she falls in love gradually. Aditya is a short-tempered guy who first strikes verbally and then thinks. But Varsha is quite opposite. This distinction between the two causes a clash. Thus, Aditya-Varsha separates. Two years later, they meet in London. What happens between the two? forms the story.

Varun made everyone spellbound with his performance, he has impressed as a young man with anger and love. His two get-variations will impress the youth, he was very natural. Rashi Khanna gave her career-best performance. She got a role equivalent to Aditya.she has done 100% justice for the role. Hyper Adi, Priyadarshini and Naresh brought some humour. Suhasini got a good role.

Thaman’s songs are melodically good. Background music is also impressive. The director wrote the dialogues very well. His conversations about love, anger and caste are impressive. A Routine Story was impressively made for youth. Technically this film is good.


There’s nothing new in the story. Many movies in the past where the lovers split up and meet again. It’s also such a story. This story talks about Ego-angry. But the director made this film to reach the young people. The hero-heroines characterizations are the strength of this story. They are surrounded by entertainment, drama, and emotions. College scenes are impressive. Varsha – Aditya love proposal scene, Calling Aditya College Girls as ‘Akka’ scenes are impressive. The chemistry between the Aditya-Varsha has well established that ran till the end. Everything in the second half goes through emotions. The audience expects the hero and the heroine to come together. But until the end, the director made audiences sit in the chairs for it. Varun tej’s body language has attracted some action scenes. The climax scenes are well written and are strong.


+ Varun, Rashi Khanna chemistry

+ Conversations

+ Music


– Slow Narration


Refreshing Love story