Theaters tension for Naayak !

Tension building by day by day as the release dates are heading for both the movies Ramcharn’s Naayak and Mahesh Babu’s Seetha Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’.

There are about 140 theaters in Hyderabad & surroundings . Naayak is releasing on 9th in 100 + theaters in Hyderabad and these theater list will come down to 50+ theaters after 2 days when SVSC  gets released on 11th . This the most worrying factor for makers & mega fans.

The reason for this condition are the 4 big heads of Tollywood, Dil Raju who has more than 35+ theaters in his hand and Suresh Babu about 45+ theater in his hand in Hyderabad city alone , both combined have more than 50% of theaters in Hyderabad and these theaters  are diverted to SVSC .

On the other hand Dasri Narayana Rao has 15 theaters in hand will allocate them for his Vishwaroopam release which is on 11 jan and he is trying more theaters for that movie. Akkineni family hold 5-6 theaters and thus Dasari indirectly fired on Akkeneni family for not giving those theaters to him.

While Allu Arvind has just about 8-10 theaters in hand in city and he has to depend on local exhibitors and other distributors for Naayak theaters. Naayak can gross at most for 2 days with maximum number of theater and after 2 days it will be SVSC that will overshadow with its dominance.