The man who scares Rajamouli..

There are no two words in saying that the indisputable king of direction in Tollywood is SS Rajamouli. He is also called the tough taskmaster and true to his discipline, he has zero record of flops. But then it is heard that there is one man who scares the mighty Rajamouli.

He is the Hollywood moviemaker Chris Nolan, the man who made movies like The Inception and The Batman new series. Recently Rajamouli was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly mentioned that he gets to connect with moviemakers like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron but one man makes him feel small.

Rajamouli reportedly admitted that after looking at Nolan’s works, he begins to feel very small and tells himself is this how little I know about moviemaking? Given his humility and his genuine thoughts, this sure is a compliment to Nolan. Maybe Rajamouli should send a copy of Eega to Nolan and see his reaction.