Thank god I wasn’t compared to Sonakshi Sinha : Shruti

Actress Shruti Haasan, the daughter of legendary actor Kamal Haasan said she was very happy with people’s response to Gabbar Singh and thankful that she did not have to face the inevitable comparison with Sonakshi Sinha whose role she reprises in the Telugu remake of Salman Khan’s blockbuster film Dabangg.

“The reaction (to Gabbar Singh) has been very, very positive. I’m really happy. I hear people have enjoyed the film a lot,” Shruti said over phone.

This will be Shruti’s first major hit film. “Every actor wants a hit, but I wasn’t going looking for one. To me, every film I do is special. Every film tests me,” Shruti, who hasn’t had a major hit before Gabbar Singh, said.

“It was such a pleasant surprise, not being compared to Sonakshi,” she said. Shruti reprises Sonakshi’s role of the fiercely independent village belle in Gabbar Singh. Shruti plays Bhagyalakshmi in the film. In an earlier interview, before the release of the film, she said she was playing a village girl but the filmmaker had made changes to her role to suit the nativity.

“There are also modifications in terms of role and content. It has been very exciting for me. This is completely different from all the characters I’ve been playing in Tamil and Telugu,” she said. “This is a girl who thinks “I know how to do my stuff, I will take care of myself”, she is very much like that.

Fortunately so far all the female characters I played definitely have a mind of their own. Be it from Seventh Sense or Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji’, somehow there is a common trait in the characters which I get which is well defined. They did have chutzpah, which is interesting.”

Her father, who is out of the country filming Viswaroopam, hasn’t yet seen the film but is happy with the response as well. “This doesn’t change anything for me, I will keep on focusing on good films, as I have in past, in every film I acted in,” she said.