Ten UoH staff resign on Smriti’s remarks

smriti-iraniMore than 10 SC – ST teachers of the Hyderabad University resigned from their administrative roles protesting against Irani’ s remarks that Dalit faculty members were also part of the University’s probe that led to Dalit Scholar Rohith Vemula’s suicide after suspension. They alleged that Smriti Irani’s statements are baseless and misleading to bring down morale of Dalits.

Ravindra Kumar – UoH,CMO said,  “We’re deeply hurt after HRD Min’s press conference yesterday when we got labelled as dalits. We’re about 40 people in University  of Hyderabad’s SC/ST faculty forum, Out of which 12-13 hold administrative posts. It’s like adding salt to our wounds.Thought Govt doesn’t require our administrative skills,so decided to lay down admin posts”, said ravinder