Telugu stars dominating Hindi TRP ratings

south-films-tv-ratingsTime has changed to accept the fact that the barrier between Hindi and regional languages films has narrowed. Hindi belt audience have started admiring the south ‘flavour’ films, Not in theaters but also on their small screens (TVs) at home. The latest TV rating tells the fact that the North family audience are addicted to watch to south dub films.

There was a time when North audience used to treat south films as ‘Masala’ films and used to criticise them, The scenario has changed with Mahesh Babu’s ‘Pokiri ‘ film remade as ‘Wanted ‘ with Salman Khan and later many  south films were remade in Hindi.  This did not satisfy the thirst of North audience, they started liking the original versions of the films that were being dubbed in Hindi.

Thanks to Hindi entertainment channels who took initiative to dub the south films in Hindi and telecast them. All the Hindi channels are now dependent on south dub films to cater their needs as these films satellite rights come for cheap price and give them maximum revenues with good TRP ratings.

Here is the latest BARC rating of Hindi films that made huge buzz among Hindi movie fans on TV for the week 12.  Two Telugu dubbed films , Prabhas “The return of the Rebel” (Rebel in Telugu) and Raviteja Kick-2 (same title in Telugu) has taken 3 and 4 number slot among Top 5  watched Hindi films for the week 12 TV ratings.

Let’s say, Prabhas has turned into universal star with Bahubali and his ‘Rebel’ dub film might have got good ratings , What about Raviteja’s Kick-2? . These rating proves the fact that the barrier between Hindi and other regional languages has narrowed, which is a good sign . This trend would definitely be an advantage for Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming action entertainer Sardar Gabbar Singh, which is releasing in more than 800 screens for its Hindi Version.