Telugu Films next destiny Overseas market

puli-shivam-brucelee-kanche-akhil-rudhramadeviWith the growing population of Telugu people in USA, the overseas market has become very important for Telugu films .

Mahesh Babu was always considered as King of Overseas and Pawan Kalyan has always been popular in the USA. But the recent blockbuster Baahubali proved that director Rajamouli is still more bigger than Tollywood super stars.

The recent money spinners at Overseas Baahubali ,Srimanthudu and a small film like Bhale Bhale Magadivoy have proved one thing that, it’s just not the content but the publicity plays a key role in dragging NRI’s to the theaters.

The Tollywood market has widened after Baahubali, promotions and theatre selection in overseas are very important . Gone those days when NRI’s used to rely on rating of few few sites and walk into theaters . But now the hype and promotions making them the ‘want ‘to see the film on the first day.

Among Actors, Apart Mahesh and Pawan…  Allu Arjun, Nagarjuna , Venkatesh ,Nani and NTR have $1+ Million films and Prabhas has $8+ million film inform of Baahubali. The only top league star Ram Charan’s name is missing from the list . He has just two films which have crossed half million mark in USA.

Directors Trivikram Srinivas and Srinu Vaitla have huge craze for their films and hope Ramcharan’s Bruce Lee The fighter under Srinu vaitla direction would cross the Million USD mark. Bruce Lee team is also planning to take up promotions in USA.

While the young star from Akkineni family is pulling his shocks from the beginning of his career . He already stared promotions of his upcoming film ” Akhil” .