Telugu Anchors Remuneration in Talk

suma-anasuyaTelugu female anchors are busier than heroines these days dominating the small screen as well as the event of Big screen (cinemas).

They are in full demand and also charging huge remunerations for shows they anchor.

Among the anchors, Suma Kanakala is leading by charging a whopping amount of Rs.1 lakh per one hour show, Charges may vary depending on time and other factors.

Second in this list is Anasuya Bharadwaj , who is literally minting huge money with the highest number of shows on TV . She is reportedly charging 80k per show. While her counterpart of Jabardash show, Rashmi Gautam is charging 60k per show.

Janshi, Sreemukhi are reportedly paid 50k per show, Shilpa & Shyamala are receiving around 30k per show.