Telangana writer blasted on KCR

Popular Telangana writer Prof Kancha Ilaiya who was in lime light for his controversial comments on Rama in recent times seems to have some elegy with word Rama , once gain made some controversial comments on KCR family for Rama.

Ilaiya in a press meet fired with word on KCR family, He said KCR for his political career kept his sons at late CM N.T.Rama Rao feet and to show his gatitutde he named his son as K.T.Rama Rao. while Telangana people has names like Ilaiya,Malaiya….etc. He also said KCR has earned more than 50k crore money cheating the people of Telangana with his false statements.

He appealed people of Telangana to teach him a lesson for his ego by reacting to Konda Surakha sucide comments  in a rude manner.