Telangana priest Soundara Rajan demands TTD to pay 1000 Cr

souandarya-rajanChilkur Balaji Temple Chief Priest Soundara Rajan filed a case on Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam TTD over alleged debts to Telangana Temples.

Soundara Rajan filed a private petition in High court demanding 1000 crores for Telangana Temples. High court served notices to TTD, Telangana government and Andhra Pradesh government . The next hearing is posted to three weeks.

Tirumala Balaji is the richest god in the world with 403 properties across the world, With gold deposits of 7000 kilos, Daily revenues of 3+ crores, Hair donation revenues up to 300 crores per annum, Rents revenues of over 400 crores per annum.

Reacting on the PIL, TTD chairman said, Soundarya Rajan should not play with the sentiments of the people. He said Soundarya Rajan should handover the Chilkur Balaji to Endowments department.

While Soundarya Rajan said, TTD owns 1000 crores to Telangana from 1998 to 2014. TTD was supposed to support small temples which counts to 2500 crores. As part of bifurcation act, Telangana should get 48% which counts to 1000 crores ,said Rajan.

He alleged that, TTD brought Endowment act in 1997, TTD is responsible for spoiling of Telangana Temple.