Telangana is far ahead of South states in growth

rp_telangana1473404010-300x182.jpgThe youngest state in the country ,Telangana is not only surplus revenue state but also showing unmatchable growth in revenues.

Telangana has recorded a massive 31 percent growth in revenues in first 6 months of this financial year 2016-17.

The state has earned net revenues of 1935 crores from April to September from sales & purchases of properties.

Comparing the growth with neighboring states , Telangana is far ahead of South states . While Andhra Pradesh has recorded growth of 12.27 %, Karnataka 2.3%, Kerala 3.57% and Tamilnadu 2.63%.

Telangana has achieved this growth because of its ease of doing business by giving clearances through the single window. And providing good infrastructure , promoting the state to attract investments.