Telangana Inti Party launched by Cheruku Sudhakar

Telangana Inti PartyTelangana Udyama Vedhika chief Dr.Cheruku Sudhakar has floated a new political party which is named as ‘Telangana Inti Party’.

‘Telangana Inti Party’ was officially at Exhibition Grounds on State Formation Day, June 2nd. Cheruku Sudhakar alleged that In last three years, the ruling TRS has governance the state against the wishes of the people. TRS has given the due respect for those who strove for the formation of Telangana and those who sacrificed their lives.

He promised that if their party gets into power in 2019 elections, Backward caste person will be made CM and 10000 acres will be allotted for those whose for Telangana. Cheruku Sudhakar warned that Land scam would be invested thoroughly and KCR will be sent to jail.