Telangana govt rethinking to open ‘Desi Daru’ Tap ?

Liquor-7484Is Telangana Government is thinking to close the cheap liquor Tap before its starts flowing?

Sources says , Telangana Home minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy indicates the roll back decision . He said,if women do not want this to be implemented then they would discuss on it and take a decision.

Earlier this month,The T-government plans to reintroduce the poor man’s alcohol under a new policy from October 1st. The purified arrack, or Saara will be supplied by through state-approved outlets under the “T Brand” at a price of around Rs 25 for an 180ml pack.

Facing criticism from all corners including a huge proposed agitation by all opposition parties including Congress , TDP and BJP , T government is on second thoughts of introducing the cheap liquor. On the other side, illicit liquor worth Rs 500 crore is sold each year in the state.