Telangana govt committed to handle NRI issues

ktr-nriTelangana NRI Affairs Minister K.T. Rama Rao committed to handle NRI issues by establishing Centre for Non Resident Telanganites’ Affairs (CENTA) .

A exclusive portal will be launched for NRIs with information and online services and a 24×7 control room will be established with a help desk at Hyderabad airport.The govt would focus on incidents of uneducated and unskilled workers and even students being cheated.

KTR addressing representatives from NRI associations at the deliberation session on NRI Policy revealed about CENTA. District level offices would be opened for CENTA.Govt will be building a database of migrants from Telangana to various countries. This will help in speedy resolution of issues if any. They are already conducting skill development initiatives for people who want to migrate in search of livelihood.

State govt to take stringent measures to curb human trafficking.A Corpus Fund intended for the welfare of NRIs would be established by state govt. A special officer would be appointed to assist NRIs wishing to invest in Telangana. Govt will work closely with Ministry of External Affairs to resolve various issues of NRIs.