Telangana Christians anger over Vijayamma’s guise

YSRC honorable president Vijayamma who turns into Christian preacher at every meeting had to face criticism from opposition party as well as Telangana  Christian forum today.

Vijayamma who tends to be a true Christian always carry a Bible in her hands  was accused of spreading Christianity on the name of party meetings where huge crowd gathers. Vijayamma trying to give an impression to the  people that,  Christianity is the true force which is saving her family. These were the allegations made by TDP earlier, but they have come up with a new innovative idea to square her up by demanding her to take a oath on Bible.

Piravula Keshav , TDP senior leader demanded Vijayamma to take a oath on Bible and say that Jagan is innocent, They have not stuck to any deal with Congress High command for Jagan’s bail and what all earned by her family is legal.

Apart, Telangana Christian forum blasted on YSR family especially Vijayamma for her guise, They said a true Christian would never put a Sindoor/ Bindi on her forehead. But Vijayamma following Christianity even after her husbands death is seen with Sindoor/Bindi. They said that , Her son-in-law who is a preacher so her family should follow the God’s rule and do serve to GOD instead of  crying for power. And taking oath for Jagan that too on Bible is ridiculous.