Telangana becomes highest beer consuming state

beerTelangana is one of the highest beer consuming as well as producing states in the country.

Compared to other southern states between April and July this year, a total of 19.75 crore beers were consumed in last 4 months which is exactly the double of Andhra Pradesh. While Karnataka remained at second position with 8.5 crores beer consumption. The revenue coming to the government in increasing.

Compared to Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerala, The liquor sales are increasing with high growth rate. In the year 2016-17, alcohol revenues grew by 11.65 percent compared to the previous year. Andhra Pradesh is the only second with 8.02 per cent. in the current financial year.

Beer Sales in last 4 months

Sales 164.61 Lakh cases
Growth % 24.8
Andhra Pradesh
Sales 88.78 Lakh cases
Growth % 22.47
Sales 82.5 Lakh cases
Growth % 15.03
Sales 93.48 Lakh cases
Growth % 3.08
Sales 32.81 Lakh cases
Growth % 38.08