Telangana BC associations demands 52 percent quota

rp_Telangana_new_Districts-300x276-1-300x276-1-300x276-1-300x276-300x276-1-300x276-300x276-1-300x276.jpgBackward Classes in Telangana opposed the move of the state government to conduct a fresh survey on the socio-economic and educational backwardness of BCs.

Over 112 BC castes, held a meeting on Sunday and stated that the fresh survey would only create friction between the existing BC categories including A, B, C, D.

They say there is no need for a fresh survey as Telangana government has already gathered the data with household survey held in 2014.

They claim that their population comprises 52 per cent of the state’s population and demanded 52 per cent quota.

While The government also asked the commission to identify Most Backward Classes among BCs and recommend reservations for them.