TDP’s shocking decision on Telangana

The Telugu Desam Party at last decided in favour of separate Telangana state and its is ready to pronounce its earlier stand on the Telangana statehood .

TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu has made it clear that he is not against the demand for separate Telangana. We are ready to announce our clear stand on Telangana by September 1st week he added. In a most shocking way , Telangana issue was raised by none other than Mr.Naidu at Telugu Deasam politburo meeting held today at NTR trust Bhavan.

According to political analysts, This (decision on Telangana) would decide the future of the YSR Congress and the TRS.TRS may join Congress if TDP’s demand of separate Telangana is met. Many claimed that Jagan may also return to Congress and if such situation occurs then it will be an easy fight for TDP.TDP knows very well how to fight Congress.