TDP and YSRCP gearing up for Early polls in 2018

naidu-jaganSeems like The ruling Telugu Desam Party and opposition YSR Congress Party have begun preparations ,gearing up for early elections.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Monday launched the ‘Intintiki TDP’ campaign at Srikakulam . While opposition leader Jagan Mohan Reddy also started YSR Kutumbam (door to door) campaign.

Naidu reportedly hinted early polls in December 2018 at the internal party workshop and also told that he would give tickets to those who’s winning rate is 100% in the surveys.

At Tettanagi village in Srikakulam Naidu said, 60 percent of the people are happy with TDP’s rule and his target is to reach 90% before going to elections. TDP is leaving no stone unturned to sweep the elections.

On other hand, YSRCP is making serious efforts to target one crore families and also aiming at exposing the failures of ruling TDP of last three years.