TDP won 2014 elections on its own

rp_TDP-300x202-300x202-300x202-300x202-1-300x202.pngIt was the critical last-minute support of Pawan Kalyan that helped the TDP-BJP alliance to come to power in 2014, which was repeatedly told by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and other TDP Leaders.

But Now after Janasena served ties with TDP, the ruling TDP leaders have a different turn to sing. MLA Buddha Venkanna said that People have voted for TDP looking at Naidu and not Pawan. In 2014 elections Chandrababu. Raghuvira Reddy and Jagan were in election flay and people have voted for Naidu.

He said The four party leaders are working in the direction of Amit Shah. If his party chief Chandrababu ask him to contest against YSRCP Vijayasai Reddy in Vishakhapatnam, he is ready.