TDP ultimatum to Posani Krishna Murali

posani-maheshGreater TDP president MN Srinivas gave an ultimatum to actor Posani Krishnamurali that they will not allow the actor to move freely in Hyderabad.

He accused that Posani was talking as a Mental Krishna and making baseless changers against Chandrababu Naidu. MN Srinivas said Posani is acting as YSRCP and BJP agent and advised him to join one of the parties. Greater TDP activists arrived at Pressclub to resist Posani Krishnamurali press meet on Monday. Posani had already left before they arrived.

Actor Posani Krishnamurali made sensational comments on CM Chandrababu for allegedly luring 23 MLAs of YSRCP and He questioned Is it called development to cover other party MLAs with Telugu Desam flag ?. Chandrababu opposed special status is now criticizing Prime Minister Modi. Opposition Leader Jagan’s corruption case will be seen by the courts and what about Chandrababu ?, Is he ready for Narcoanalysis test on his corruption ?, asked Posani.