TDP turns sinking ship in Telangana

tdpTDP turns sinking ship in Telangana as leaders of the party are queuing up to join TRS for securing their future , they lost confidence on TDP after its bad performance in GHMC elections.

TDP leader had lot of hope on the party in GHMC elections , but the people of Hyderabad have believed in TRS and voted for the ruling party for development.

As on now in Telangana ,There is virtually no Opposition party in Telangana . The power of TRS beginning to look quite absolute, specially after huge GHMC victory.

Coming to TDP, TDP is on brink of existence in the state, TDP has won 15 MLAs in 2014 general elections , out of them 9 have won from GHMC. Now with the joining to Errabelli, 7 out of 15 have joined the ruling TRS party.

If 2/3rd of us crossover then it won’t attract anti-defection law. It means another if 3 MLAs of TDP joins TRS, it would not attract Anti -defections law.

Chandrababu Naidu has immediately called on Telangana TDP leaders to find the status of Errabelli. Report says, TDP is likely to be emptied in coming days as the leaders feel that TDP is not going to survive in Telangana .