Producers condition to make films with Balakrishna

Producers are queuing up to producer films with Balakrishna expecting some benefit out of it.

Balakrishana became busy with TDP politics playing active role is not doing films for last 3 months as his previous films bombed at Boxoffice . But now Producer are lining up for his dates on one condition that They need party ticket for next elections .

First in the list is Vallabaneni Vamsi who lost earlier elections with less majority announced that he is producing Balakrishna after he was confirmed TDP party. Earlier, some other producers like ‘Narashima Reddy’ movie producer Changala.Venkat Rao, ‘Yuvaratna Rana’ movie producer Meenashi Naidu, ‘Veerabadra’ movie producer Ambika krishna got tickets in special reservation quota