TDP is ready to go to any extent : Jayadev Galla

galla jayadeavThe ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, TDP is ready to go to any extent says TDP MP Jayadev Galla on the question of breaking alliance with BJP.

He said, We started with disturbing Parliament and will keep putting pressure up to 5 March. They have to give action plan with timelines and how are they going to fulfil in full the 19 items still pending in AP reorganisation act and 6 assurances given by then PM in Rajya Sabha.

Now it’s not about a political alliance or anything else. It’s about getting rightfully what is due to the people of Andhra Pradesh. If that is what is required, we are ready to go to that extent also.

While TDP MP R Naidu said, BJP hasn’t provided anything to Andhra Pradesh under special consideration. The same goes to West Bengal, Kerala and Gujarat. We protested in Parliament because our rights under reorganisation act haven’t been provided to us after bifurcation. It won’t work like this.