TDP predicted right : Public can hang clothes on current wires

The Congress government has always been famous for its deep rooted corruption and its inefficient manner of working. True to their style, the results are also seen clearly. The biggest example for that is severe power crisis that has gripped the state of Andhra Pradesh.

While various excuses are being given like free power,lack of rain, technical issues etc, the truth remains that congress authorities have never planned for handling such type of crisis. If they had planned months before it sure would have prepared the state for any hiccups and all would have been fine.

Anyways, many analysts are commenting mockingly that this seems to be the special facility from Kiran Kumar Reddy and his government wherein the public can go hang their clothes on the electrical wires and the tower lines. What TDP said in 2004 elections has come true. It is shameful that now everyone has look up in the sky and wait for the clouds to show some mercy.