TDP plans to move No-Confidence against NDA

rp_modi-naidu-236x300.jpgThe ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh has been intensifying the protests against the centre. TDP is planning to put pressure on centre over Bifurication promises including special status.

AP CM Chandrababu had a meeting with party MPs at the public durbar hall in Amravati, discussed the strategies to be followed in the monsoon session of Parliament. According to the bifurcation law, the MPs have been asked to hold on every assurance given to the AP state.

Several key decisions were taken at the meeting. In the monsoon session, it has decided to put a no-confidence motion on the centre. A support of 50 members is needed to move the no-trust motion, it seems that the party wants to take the support of the other parties. Before the start of the monsoon session, the MPs will form the teams and meet Congress and other parties leaders seeking their support for the fight in Parliament on special status.

Since there are monsoon meetings in Parliament, Babu told MPs that the AP argument should be strongly heard in those sessions. If the Center doesn’t respond, they would not go to the Supreme Court.