TDP Palasa MLA sends legal notice to Pawan over Alludu Tax

pawan-kalyan-gouthu-shivajiTDP Palasa MLA Gauthu Shivaji has sent a legal notice to Janasana chief Pawan Kalyan over Alludu tax comments of the later.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Gauthu said that Pawan’s allegation of corruption against him are baseless, he should come out with proofs. Pavan has criticized him and his family and he should immediately apologise for his comments.

Speaking at a meeting in Kasibukganga on Tuesday, Pawan said that “The MLA has been involved in corruption and alleged that people of Palasa are suffering from the tax burden. Recently GST was introduced but an addition Alludu Tax is slapped in Palasa”, said Pawan.

Gauthu Shivaji said Pawan should know the facts before making allegations.

Meanwhile, The TDP activists have cleaned up the dais where Pawan Kalyan made such allegations yesterday in Kashi Bugga with yellow (Turmeric) water.