TDP office turns museum

What happens when everyone leaves and just their belongings remain inside an office? It will turn into museum and this is what now happening in Khammam.

Getting confidence with Kodali Nani’s acts, cadres and leaders of Telugudesam from different districts are now planning ‘jumps’. First to follow this is Khammam district, says a source. MLAs from the district, Sandra Venkataveeraiah and Abbaiah are said to be leading these ‘jump jilanis’. It is still unclear whether they will join YSR-Congress or Congress. Though TDP did well in the region during 2009 elections, the party chief’s lack of clarity about Telangana issue is making cadres unhappy. If 90% of the cadres jump into other parties, what will happen other than the party office turning into a museum?

TDP’s top level leader and Khammam MP Nama Nageswara Rao is also finding difficult to control the migrations in his district, it seems. We have to see what Naidu will do now!