TDP MPs strong counter to Pawan Kalyan’s remarks

rp_pawan-kalyan-300x224-1-300x224.jpgThe ruling TDP leaders have strongly countered Jana sena founder Pawan Kalyan remarks on TDP MPs, its chief minister and the government.

TDP Minister Bonda Uma said, TDP is welcoming Pawan Kalyan’s fight for the special status and clarified that the Ministers were ready for resignation .. but it’s not right time. TDP is ready to fight with anyone for special status.

Kesineni Nani has objected Pawan Kalyan’s remarks on Chandrababu and remarks like TDP leaders fearing CBI to fight for special status. He said, TDP MPs never fears anyone, Naidu is the only high command for them. Reacting on his Pawan remarks that TDP MPS are very rich , He said, He is into business for last 30 years .

Anakapalli MP Avanthi Srinivas said that Pawan Kalyan should not conduct meet in Kakinada, instead he should conduct meet in front of PM Modi’s residence.The MP said that Pawan Kalyan has no confidence on Parliamentary system.

TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy has slammed at Pawan Kalyan saying, Pawan Kalyan should know the Parliamentary system . Present Politics are adulterated , Whatever might be done but AP special status is not possible, said JC. He expressed sympathy to those who agitate on special status. He said, Till Modi stays as PM, special status will not be accorded to AP.

Union minister Y.S. Chowdary posted that ” I am happy my dear friend Sri Pawan Kalyan garu is echoing my spirit and views at his Tirupati meeting: this is what I spoke a few weeks ago in Rajya Sabha.”.