TDP MLA Anita broke into tears with Roja’s abuses

roja-1TDP MLA Anita broke down into tears in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly recalling YSR Congress MLA R.K.Roja derogatory remarks .

She said Roja allegations hurt her badly and she was at her home for last two days and finally decided to speak over this.

Anita also cautioned YSRCP president Jaganmohan Reddy to be worry about Roja suspension. Roja’s utterances had made the civilized society to bow its head in shame, said Anita.

A leaked video about Roja utterances went like this, ” I never hit my husband and went to police station like her”, I never slept with anyone and they have no right to talk about me”, ” Chandrababu Naidu is lying , tells his down stature”, stated Roja.