TDP is a service oriented party : Naidu

rp_Chander-Babu-Naidu-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-298x300.jpgThe annual three-day event of the Telugu Desam Party(TDP) Mahanadu has begun at AU Engineering College in Visakhapatnam on Saturday.

The 36th Mahanadu annual general meeting of the party was inaugurated by holding two Mahanadu in Telangana and AP.

Naidu addressing the Mahanadu said, TDP is the definition of Telugu pride, welfare and development are priorities of the government. He remembered the spirit of party founder N.T.Rama Rao, who he said worked relentlessly for the uplift of the poor.

He applauded TDP leaders for strengthening the party with their sacrifices. TDP is a service oriented party which helped many people in Orissa, Uttar Pradesh during floods. TDP party first preference is public, then workers of TDP and followed by leaders.

Around 2000 police personnel have been deployed for the event which is being attended by over 25000 party cadres including ministers and MLAs.