TDP hopes on Pawan Kalyan’s campaign

pawanHyderabad TDP leader Maganti Gopinath has informed the press that they would invite Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to campaign on behalf of the party’s nominees in the ensuing elections to the GHMC.

He said, Top BJP leader including Venkaiah naidu, Andhra Pradesh chief minister chandraBAbu Naidu would also take party in GHMC election campaign.

He said ,TDP party would invite Pawan Kalyan as the actor has already campaigned for BJP-TDP alliance in 2014 general elections and hope he would also campaign for GHMC elections.

TDP-BJP alliance won over a dozen Assembly segments out of the 24 in the GHMC area with the campaign of the power star with vote share of 40%.

While Pawan asserted that his party would be fully prepared to contest elections in 2019 and not for GHMC elections.