TDP facing criticism for crackdown act of social media remarks

rp_TDP-300x202.pngTelugu Desam Party agenda to crack down the Critical or negative remarks on social media against the TDP or the Chandrababu Naidu government led to criticism from all corners.

YRSCP already accused the TDP of trying to control the social media and warned the ruling party of serious repercussions. It alleged that TDP becoming intolerant to the public outcry against it on the social platforms.

After the arrest of ‘Political Punch’ social media activist Ravi Kiran and slapping criminal cases against him led to much criticism even at the National level.

But the TDP going Stubborn to crackdown negative citicism against its leader or government. Former Chief Secretary and Brahmin Corporation Chairman I Y R Krishna Rao stirred a major controversy by uploading some post in the Facebook. He uploaded/ shared some posts in his Face book, which not only criticized TDP leaders and also slammed government decisions.

The angered TDP leaders, talking to media said that people would teach him a lesson. The TDP leaders brought the issue to the notice of Chief Minister, who took a decision of suspending IYR.

IYR said CM Naidu, has not even bothered to take his explanation nor gave an appointment to him for last 6 months and decided to remove him from the post.

He also faulted TDP for slapping criminal cases against political satirist Ravi Kiran. IYR is a common man, he served as Chief Sectary of the state who openly slammed the govt for their act to crackdown social media criticism.