TDP exposes Sakshi’s fabricated story

lokesh-chinnarajappaNews Fabrication is not new in Andhra Politics But the latest incident is heights of such acts. YSRCP owned Sakshi published an article with a photo of TDP’s three-day brainstorming session in KL University with a title “Idemi raajakeeya siksha”.

Sakshi alleged Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh scolded the Deputy Chief Minister Nimmakayala China Rajappa and its so-called web partner also published an article with the title “Lokesh Humiliates Deputy CM”. The icing part was done by YSRCP leader Botsa Satyanarayana alleging China Rajappa was shivering with fear.

TTDP was shocked over such baseless allegations , Chinna Rajappa came forward to support Lokesh to clarify that No such humiliation took place in the Brainstorming session. TDP later released a video in this regard , exposing the Sakhi media’s false reports .

Earlier too in many instances, Chandrababu Naidu has alleged that Sakshi newspaper was writing fabricated stories.