TDP criticize Pawan Kalyan

Varla-RamaiahThe TDP leaders criticized Janasena president Pawan Kalyan for his sensational comments over appointment of Anil Kumar Singhal as TTD EO.

TDP Leader Varla Ramaiah told the Janasena leader not to try to divide the country into North and south. Pawan comments over the appointment of North Indian Singhal as TTD EO is objectionable.

He said, South Indian from Vijayawada, Veeraiah Chowdary, is serving as Central Vigilance Commissioner. There is no rule that North Indian cannot serve as TTD EO, anybody can serve the Almighty.

TDP MP from Anantapur, JC Diwakar Reddy said, Why is Pawan always pointing at the north-south divide?, he is simply dividing them for no reason.

Earlier Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter and demaned an explain on appoinmnet of ‘North Indian IAS’.