TDP, Congress dharnas cause people suffer

The dharnas organized by Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and theCongress party caused a lot of hardship to the common people as the busy NH 9 at Durga Temple and at Kummari Palem centres was blocked by the police.

The vehicular traffic was diverted through Chittinagar tunnel which was also a narrow road and led to a traffic congestions at several points. Vehicular traffic was blocked on NH 9 and was diverted at various by lanes. Thousands of people who tried to come to city from Gollapudi, Gunturpalli. Ibrahimpatnam and other areas in the morning, could not reach their respective destinations as they got stuck in the traffic. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded on eitherside of the NH 9 at various places. At Kummari Palem TDP organised Maha darna in which former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu participated, protest against delay in the construction of fly over, where more than 1000 people converged.

A km away from the place, Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajgopal also held a public programme to counter the TDP maha dharna wherein more than 500 hundred people attended.

As the Congress MP challenged to meet TDP President Chandrababu Naidu at the darna, the police erected fence on NH 9, at several points on the road. The police, for some time, did not allow even pedestrians. The situation became tense as the MP with large number of followers rushed towards the TDP darna venue, to meet Chandrababu to present his version on the flyover bridge. However, sensing trouble, large number of police prevented the MP from reaching the TDP darna programme. During the time Chandrababu Naidu addressed the gathering and left the place. However, sometime later, the MP and his convoy were allowed to reach the TDP darna pogramme by the time all TDP leader left. As the temperature soared up and soaking with sweat, large number of people including women and children were seen walking few kilometers to reach the city.

Talking to reporters, a lecture V Srinivas expressed anger over the political leaders for holding dharnas on their will, disregarding the severe inconvenience to the general public.

Sk Mastan Vali, a trader, said he got struck in the traffic for more an hour. Since only few auto rickshaws run they charged exorbitant price for few kilometers.