TDP and Congress conspired to keep TRS away from Power

kcrCongress MP G.Sukhender Reddy, party MLA Bhaskar Rao,a former MP and alone CPI MLA Ravinder Naik joined the TRS , in presence of TRS supremo and Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao, who welcomed them into the party by presenting them the party’s pink-coloured scarfs.

Speaking on this occasion KCR slammed at oppostion parties, He said, TDP and Congress conspired to Topple his Government as both these parties tried to stop TRS from forming the Government .

He said , It was MIM party chief Owaisi who extended his support to TRS . He also mentioned that Only TRS members have reigned for their posts and went for re-elections during Telangana agitation.

He said, Telangana people gave the responsibility to TRS to represent them . He questioned Jana Reddy over the Congress colluding with Telugu Desam (TD) in the last by poll, where TRS won.

Speaking about defections He said, During YSR regime Congress party attracted TRS Mlas , if the others do it it moral, but it they do the same thing then nothing is amiss, said KCR..