TDP and YSRCP MPs create ruckus in Lok Sabha

tdp mpsTDP is adopting pressure mounting strategy on NDA governmnet over Special category statues.

Lok Sabha adjourned twice today after ruckus by members from TDP and YSR Congress demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh. Noisy scenes in Lok Sabha as members from both the parties raise issue of special status for Andhra Pradesh.

TDP which is an ally in BJP led NDA Government at the center is protesting raising slogans in the house demanding to allow discussion on adjournment motion and the Speaker has clarified them that the debate will be taken up in zero hour and appealed the MPs to let run the question hour peacefully. While speaker Sumitra Mahajan called for a meeting in her chamber and urged them to see the house runs peacefully.

TDP MP Shiva Prasad staged a unique protest in Swami Vivekananda getup . he demanded BJP to keep its promise given in the floor of the house.