TDP and YSRCP misleading people of AP : GVL

gvl-narsinhaBJP state Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao said the Telugu Desam and Opposition YSR Congress are misleading the people of Andhra Pradesh stating that there is a 100 per cent tax concession.

GVL spoke as part of a short-term discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Division Act. What’s in the division law? What will the central government have to do in the name of the special status? How much funds did AP government receive? GVL has explained such things.

He said Special status means that the central government will provide financial assistance to get the state to a very high level. It is not a 100 per cent tax concession for all the people of the state. But, in AP, the political parties are misleading people.

GVL said that the central government is providing financial assistance to the Andhra Pradesh in the name of the special package, as stated in the Partition Act. The Cabinet issued a note on March 15, 2017, The Andhra Pradesh government will receive special financial assistance from the central government. In addition, AP will receive additional funding from the centre for five years. The funding will be given in 90:10 ratio for central government schemes in AP, “GVL said.

He said The AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has responded positively. Moved a Thanksgiving resolution in the Assembly. On March 16, Chandrababu’s statement in the legislative council was also read by GVL.

“Everything in the special status will be given by the central government in a special package. In special circumstances, They are giving special benefits to the state through special assistance, “GVL quoting Chandrababu Legislative Council speech. The package was architected by Sujana Chowdary. Chandra Babu recollected the same thing in Mahadev conducted by TDP.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, “States that have no status is not different from the states which have special status, and only Rs.3,500 crore per annum will be awarded. The Chief Minister estimated that the AP will receive Rs 16,447 crores in 90:10 ratio from the centre to AP. Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Center on 5 January this year and demanded funds be released. The central government has already released about Rs 12,072 crore in six projects, “GVL said.

The GVL has criticized the AP government, which has received the package opposing for political interests.