Tatas to power-up roads with electric car

The Tata group is developing an electric car that is expected to be priced below $20,000 (over `10 lakh) in partnership with France’s Dassault Systemes.

Tata Technologies has completed the first feasibility study of the electric vehicle using Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

In a statement, Tata Technologies president (vehicle programmes and development group) Kevin Fisher said the company is working with Dassault Systemes to “leverage the talents of a global engineering team to meet numerous design and cost constraints, as well as create the targeted user experience, including a final vehicle price tag of under $20,000.” The statement did not share other details such as when the vehicle is likely to be launched or how much the company is investing to develop the product.

With the help of Dassault Systemes’ technologies, the Tata group had completed its first electric Mobility study, demonstrating the feasibility of developing an electric vehicle at an attractive price, the firm said.

The company said that a significant challenge in the development process was the requirement to fit all the vehicle systems into a small footprint, while maintaining spacious seating for four adults.

The development of the eMO is a global effort, requiring collaboration among over 300 Tata Technologies engineers from different places, including India, the US and the Europe.

Wipro on Wednesday said it has launched a desktop PC for small and medium businesses which has lowcost 6-Core AMD FX 6100 processor and Ubuntu Linux operating system. The AMD FX 6100 is a low-costadvanced technology CPU with high speed and Windows 8 compatibility. Wipro said it is sure the youth will take full advantage of its technology expertise.